Brand Development

Experienced at brand development John Gibbs at Get2it works with businesses in the Edinburgh, West Lothian and Glasgow area helping to improve brand equity. Get2it looks closely at your brand identity and considers how your brand can be developed to give you greater brand equity which stems from improved audience engagement and business profile both online and offline. The strategic development and alignment and identification of  various enablers both online and offline will also see your brand equity improve.

Once a brand development strategy has been developed specifically suited to your business there would be a need to work closely with marketeers,  graphic designers, print suppliers, local press and senior management. It is worth noting that coming across barriers to the brand development process is not uncommon as change often takes some time to be internalised by individuals and or systems to be updated. John Gibbs is very experienced working closely with business individuals to ensure the least amount of disruption occurs and yet the greatest brand development benefits have a chance to surface. 

Any brand development strategy Get2it it create for you will compliment your business capabilities and objectives so get in touch for a free no obligation consultation.

Brand Development

Identifying a weakness in your business brand relates to not just an out dated logo as some might think but also what business products and services are presented and how they are presented both online and offline.

Firstly having clearly defined core brand values is essential when looking to improve on your brand equity and its effectiveness towards your target audience.

Secondly ensuring the message you are giving out is clear, simple and presented in such a way that it is embraced by the chosen audience will also increase brand equity.

To successfully develop a brand involves many processes and can take months to achieve the desired effect but it is worth it as a strong brand ensures that the business will benefit from a loyal following.  

Brand Damage – “…you won’t know it is happening until it is too late.”

Businesses must also consider the threats that may lead to brand damage. A typical example when brand damage occurs is when a business attempts to stay ahead of the game so to speak by reacting to new online technologies or social media platform utilities. Very quickly businesses choose to create a business profile on popular utilities, add the logo, create some content and publish. At the same time this action is compounded as each new platform is added to the website and marketing collateral in an attempt to gain credibility.  This is a dangerous approach and opens the business brand up to many brand damage possibilities.  

Ultimately if a business does not develop their brand strategically then brand damage occurs and worse of all you won’t know it is happening until it is too late. Customers will rarely tell a business the direction the brand has taken is not favourable they will simply stop seeing your brand as one to be associated to, stop visiting and worse of all not recommend your business to friends and family members. The reason why brand damage can occur with the above mentioned example is that the business profiles become out of date and misaligned with the business products, services and marketing message. Resources have not been properly allocated, realistic targets have not been set and a marketing strategy has not been developed to compliment the business brand. 

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