John Gibbs (MSc)


I have enjoyed many years in the creative industry from a very early age. I love the challenge of working with various clients on many different projects. Seeing the final results of marketing initiatives that have been implemented is a very rewarding part of my job.



Age: 36 – Present 

Job Title: Brand Management Consultant (Graphic Design / SEO / Web Designer / Social Media) 

Having sold Fresheverything I decided it was a good opportunity to finally go to University. I successfully completed my Masters in Business Management. I now work closely with clients as a Brand Management Consultant focusing on creating greater brand equity for small to medium businesses. My approach is to this this without the city price tag.


Age: 26 

Job Title: Fresheverything / Business Owner 

In 2003  myself and business partner Billy Wardrop setup a marketing company called Fresheverything. Over a 10 year period we worked with over 140 small to medium businesses in the Edinburgh, Glasgow and the West Lothian area. Clients required various marketing services such as graphic design, website development, social media marketingsearch engine optimisation and eMail Marketing.


Age: 16 

Job Title: Concept Packaging Designer 

I worked on packaging concepts for Nestle, Cadburys and many other blue chip clients. A very creative role I would take any chosen packaging solutions from concept to production.

I hope you found this of some interest and should you wish to discuss any requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch.