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Brand Management

My primary aim when working with a business is to increase the brand equity using various brand management strategies. To do this the first step would be to carry out a brand audit which is an effective way to check the health of your brand. It also lets me understand were your product is in its life cycle.


My approach

Identify competitors

Identify competitors and similar brands to assess your business brand strength

Experience the competition

Experience the competition to gain valuable insight

Analyse brand language

Analyse brand language to understand the tone to gauge the brand’s personality and brand values.

Analyse visual identity

Analyse visual identity, understanding and ensuring consistency and clarity of the marketing message

Determine positioning

Determine positioning of your business in its market sector

Experienced in…


As the brand begins to create traction and gains a greater market share, advertising and marketing spend should increase to take advantage of this. Affirm the marketing message, highlight the products unique selling points, value of the product and application.

Marketing Strategy Summary:

  • Increase marketing/advertising activities
  • Emphasis intellectual property rights
  • Highlight USPs of product
  • Reiterate marketing message


The brand or product has now captured a considerable market share with sales also at its highest, however growth is beginning to slow. Potentially better, cheaper products are entering the market and as a result this is having an impact on your customer brand loyalty. To sustain the market share and brand loyalty at this stage involves moving into different markets and geographies in order to expand the customer base. Increasing the usage rate of the product with aggressive advertising, investing in research to improve the product or launch a new product line. Reduce prices or even increase prices with supporting marketing campaigns to highlight the benefits compared to a competitor’s product. All effective brand strategies with many other approaches possible dependant on your business aims and objectives.

Marketing Strategy Summary:

  • Move into different markets
  • Move into different geographies
  • Expand customer base
  • Increase usage
  • Research and Development
  • Develop new product lines
  • Increase or decrease product price


Brand awareness is strong, but sales have flatlined due to tougher competing environments and the emergence of new products from competitors. Introducing brand extensions, creating product upgrades are options.  Building on the well-established brand’s reputation with the marketing campaigns is key and an effective proven strategy.

Marketing Strategy Summary:

  • Create brand extensions
  • Product upgrades
  • Build on brand reputation
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