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Strategic Digital Marketing –  Case Study

This was a particularly interesting project in that our client was looking to gain a more in-depth market insight and adapt their operations as needed to meet greater consumer demand. This case study highlights the effectiveness of a sustainable digital marketing strategy as well the importance of understanding online consumer behaviour. It also shows that with a robustly managed marketing strategy critical decision making is made easier.

Our website had virtually no traffic until we engaged the expertise of the Get2it team. They listened to us, and designed a website that met the requirements of our business. We now have a design we’re happy with that’s customer friendly and that has become a huge part of our business’s growth” Marie (Alternate Energy, Finance Director, 2023). 

background information

This client specialises in green and renewable energy products and services for homes throughout Scotland. The Alternative Energy’s management team asked if the Get2it team could help them understand their changing and diverse market, plus create a strong digital online profile for them.

 As the business to consumer (B2C) renewable energy marketplace is particularly challenging, we were keen to take on such a project and deliver an effect, robust digital marketing strategy specifically tailored to their business requirements and budget.

“Our website had virtually no traffic until we engaged the expertise of the Get2it team. They listened to us, and designed a website that met the requirements of our business. We now have a design we’re happy with that’s customer friendly and that has become a huge part of our business’s growth”.
 “Get2it has helped our business grow by understanding the changing and diverse market in which we operate and helping us to be more specific about our target audience”. Marie (Alternate Energy, Finance Director)
Client Testimonial


Before we could implement a digital marketing strategy we started with the ‘review and recommend’ development stage. This helped identify any weaknesses with Alternative Energy’s existing digital capabilities. Our simplified findings are detailed below.


 We recommended a new website design which would be both mobile friendly and content managed making it easy for the Alternative Energy team to update themselves in house. This type of website would give long-term cost savings to the business as it allows staff members to quickly update products and services without using a third party.

Facebook Business Profile

As the products and services on offer were consumer based, our recommendation to Alternative Energy Ltd was that the business should use a Facebook Business Page to create a captured and engaged audience. Their Facebook Business Page would then be used to advertise to a wider new audience attracting new customers via Comments, Messages and Facebook Leads.  Facebook has a massive database of users regularly engaging with Facebook to search, interact and purchase directly via Facebook, making it an extremely valuable tool when looking to engage with an audience and improve website ranking.  

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising was seen to be the perfect fit for Alternative Energy Ltd to quickly reach their target market with updated and new products as they became available, giving them instant customer feedback and leads. This approach proved to be very effective for this client as customers engaged directly with our client on Facebook via messages and Facebook Leads.

Google Ads

A custom managed Google Ads account and campaign for Alternative Energy Ltd provided an immediate boost in traffic and engagement levels. Their managed Google Ad campaigns target specific users by geographical location and age, at the precise moment they are looking for their services across the entire Google Search Network. Changes to adverts, goals, targeting options and budgets can be made as required to maximize the performance of their campaigns.  

Google Analytics

Understanding consumer engagement behaviour, website and social media performance meant using Google Analytics as one of our reporting tools. This would prove vital in helping Alternative Energy make operational decisions quickly and with confidence as the Get2it team works to highlight key performing areas across all digital platforms. We also migrated their existing Google Analytics account to the new GA4 measurement tool to ensure continued data collection from website and social media platforms.

Hosting and Support

As a small to medium business resources are not unlimited so making sure digital assets were safely backed up and secure was an important factor to consider. An affordable website hosting and support package was offered to ensure our client could focus on running the business without worry. 


This project was particularly rewarding to be a part of as the success came not only from an effective digital marketing strategy but also because it highlighted the importance of listening to clients, trust and having regular honest and open conversations. Making critical business decisions is much easier for a business when the information is available. Marie (Alternate Energy, Finance Director) said “talking on a regular basis and with Get2it providing reports on what’s working and what’s not we were able to make critical decisions much more quickly than we did before.”  Marie also added “We now see the marketing campaigns as an integrated part of our growth strategy.  This wouldn’t have been the case without the support of the Get2it team”.

Getting tangible results for our clients is what makes us happy and proud to do what we do.